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Report Fake News
Help Israel Fight Propaganda a
nd Lies

Israel faces a tragic crisis fueled by propaganda. Social networks around the world are filled with lies and misleading content. Report deceptive content and join our community to unveil the truth behind Hamas's lies.

Thank you for taking action and standing for the truth!

Join Our Battle Against Fake News!

Join our Telegram channel for real-time updates and guidance on reporting misinformation. Your participation strengthens our united effort for truth and accuracy.

On October 7th, 2023, over 1,300 lives were tragically lost in Israel due to a ruthless attack by Hamas, a terrorist organization. Innocent victims, including babies, the elderly, women, and men, were subjected to horrific acts of violence, rape, abuse, and abduction to Gaza. Additionally, Hamas has been launching missiles at Israeli civilians, using hospitals and populated areas as shields.

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